Sustain Africa

Sustain Summit is a one-day conversation for Open Source Software Sustainers. We would be talking about Sustainability - the sustainability of resources and the sustainability of its people. The conversation around the comprehensive overview of how FOSS is developed, maintained, utilized, and providing a roadmap for solving the cultural, financial, and institutional issues among open source project maintainers continues to be the focus of Sustain. At the Sustain Africa summit, there would be no keynotes, talks, or sponsor demos. Your undivided attention will be required. Phones and laptops will not be used throughout, and you will be asked to put devices away if they distract you or anyone else as facilitators take you through the journey of Open Source Sustainability.

The following is a working Schedule for Sustain Africa 2024:

12:00 PM

Arrivals and Registration

01:00 PM

Opening Plenary

The event will be called to order with a friendly and fast-paced kickoff that includes words of welcome from meeting organizers, brief participant introductions, overviews of the agenda, participation guidelines, and meeting logistics.

01:30 PM

Lenses on Sustainability - Interactive Case Studies

The program will start with a set of discussions designed to explore the latest practices and learnings around sustainability in OSS contexts.

Topics anticipated to be covered include:

  • Open Source Software.
  • Open Source Documentation.
  • Open Source Design.
  • Open Source Data and AI.
  • Open Source Marketing and Funding.
  • Open Source Programs and Specialized Projects.
  • Open Source and Government.
  • Burnout and Mental Health.

02:50 PM

Recess and Lunch Break

Chill and grab a food/drink!

03:30 PM

Strategy Sessions Share-Out

Outputs and results from the interactive case studies will be set up around the main meeting room, and participants will be invited to “browse the gallery”, reviewing work from all sessions, providing feedback, and indicating interest in any ongoing efforts.

04:10 PM

Mapping ongoing collaborations: Where from here?

The group will pause before the closing plenary to take stock of the progress made to this point in the meeting and to inventory action items, next steps, and other bridges to post-event collaboration.

04:15 PM

Closing Session

Participants will summarize key outcomes from the event, share appreciations and bring the meeting to a close.

04:30 PM

Photographs and Networking and Lights Out!