About Us

Osca Fest 2022 conference at Tech Zone Park
Open Source Community Africa is a community aimed at creating and supporting the open source movement within Africa. As a community, we intend to help integrate the act of open source contribution to African developers whilst strongly advocating the movement of free and open source software.

Open Source Festival is a high profile event that would attract student delegates, developers, designers and corporate organizations on a large scale with series of talks, workshops, and awareness of open-sourced developer tools. The second edition is going to be a forum for networking, discussions and ideas proration around latest happenings in technology as well as the growth of open source in Africa.

Through this festival, we intend to open the eyes of Africans so they can be aware that FUTURE IS OPEN.
Meet our
An amazing photograph of Angie Jones.

Angie Jones

Global Vice President of Developer Relations for TBD, Block

An amazing photograph of Brian Douglas.

Brian Douglas

Founder and CEO of Open Sauced

An amazing photograph of Jan Borchardt.

Jan Borchardt

Co-founder, design lead and community manager at Nextcloud

An amazing photograph of Regina Nkenchor.

Regina Nkenchor

Board vice president at the GNOME Foundation

An amazing photograph of Edidiong Asikpo.

Edidiong Asikpo

Senior Developer Advocate at Ambassador Labs

An amazing photograph of Rachel Onoja.

Rachel Onoja

Head of Operations at AltSchool Africa

An amazing photograph of Aniedi Udo-Obong.

Aniedi Udo-Obong

Program Manager, Google

An amazing photograph of John Meluso.

John Meluso

System Engineer and an Organization Scientist

An amazing photograph of Prosper Otemuyiwa.

Prosper Otemuyiwa

Co-founder of Forloop Africa and Eden Life

An amazing photograph of Sultan Akintunde.

Sultan Akintunde

Co-founder and Head of Technology at AltSchool Africa

An amazing photograph of Adora Nwodo.

Adora Nwodo

Founder, Nexascale

An amazing photograph of Kelvin Umechukwu.

Kelvin Umechukwu

Founder, Consonance Club

An amazing photograph of Njoku Emmanuel.

Njoku Emmanuel

Former Co-founder and CEO of Lazerpay

An amazing photograph of Oluebube Princess.

Oluebube Princess

Devrel Engineer, Spectro Cloud



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